That's a Wrap!

First impressions are important! Especially if we’re sending the gift directly to the recipient on your behalf . So for your information we have listed how each Gift is typically wrapped and what you can do to make it more personal.


Our Gagababy Kits

Our Kits are wrapped in acid free tissue paper and sealed within our Gagababy Original Gift Box. The Box is Sturdy to withstand posting anywhere in the world, or just around the corner. It is designed to be friendly to the environment and is ready to recycle if you wish. But most of our Gagababy mammies are keeping the boxes to put the gifts back into for safe keeping, with a plan to pull them out when their all grown up babies are celebrating their 21st!

We also have a greeting card in the box for you to fill out, or we can do this for you if you fill in the Comments/Greeting Message Box while in the checkout area of the site.

Single Items for Posting

We offer to post the Hurleys, Aprons, Allstar Tops & Cardigans in Standard Post due to the size and weight of this products. These items are wrapped in tissue and sealed within a jiffy bag to keep the weight down for the customer. There is still a greeting card enclosed and again, leave us instructions in the Comments /Greeting Message box if you wish us to add a personal greeting message.

Alternatively you can decide if you wish to have it Gift Boxed. If so, due to the weight added this may incur a larger postage fee,

If any of the above information is unclear, please drop us a line or ring us on 01 8645805, we don't want to disappoint .

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